Splenda–the "Safe" Sugar Substitute?

After reading the article, “Sugar Substitutes and the Danger of Splenda,” I have decided to eliminate all sugar substitutes from my diet, including Splenda, which I always thought was safe, because it was supposedly “made from sugar.” For me, this means giving up “sugar-free” chewing gum (practically an addiction of mine), no-sugar-added hot cocoa, “light” yogurt, and coffee (I had already switched to decaf, but I can’t drink it without flavoring/sweetening, and I’d rather be done with it altogether).

I’ve been learning lately that food is good insofar as it nourishes my body, but not as a friend or comforter or entertainer. Only the Lord, not food, can meet all my needs and fulfill my desires. I am trying to be much more intentional about what I eat, instead of mindlessly munching whatever I think will satisfy me at that moment. Today I packed a salad–made with lettuce, bell pepper, carrot, and tomato, and topped with nonfat cottage cheese, sunflower seeds, basil, and raisins–to take to work for lunch, and it was delicious! Yes, it took a little extra effort, but my body feels so much better already than when I used to just compile a lunch out of whatever was convenient. I am also drinking more water and not “snitching” as I prepare meals.

A huge praise is that, if the Lord wills, we should be able to pay off the last of my student loan within a week! After that, Hubby and I will be completely debt-free. Yes, we currently live in a tiny 4-room apartment (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room), and no, we don’t yet have a car, but it is such a joy to owe no one anything, except love (Romans 13:8).


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