Hubby and I had a good weekend. Friday night we went to the wedding of two of our friends from church. Saturday we spent almost all day going through our wedding photos and deciding which photos to enlarge to what size and to give to which people, and also picking out the ones we want to hang on our own wall and for an album. Yesterday we taught Sunday school and went to the morning service as usual, and then we took care of preschool-aged kids in the nursery during the evening service. For Mother’s Day, Hubby gave me a bouquet of lilies still all in the bud, and he said, “Flowers-to-be for a mother-to-be.” Isn’t that sweet?

This is my last week at work before I get to come home and be a full-time wife and homemaker and get ready for our little one (the due date is August 27).


One response to “Update

  1. Hello Melissa, just wanted to let you know I drop in on occasion to see what’s new ;). I am very thrilled for you and your baby on the way, and am praying that all goes really good for you. You have such a sweet blog, and I love reading it. The relationship you have with your husband is so precious! God bless you!

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