Wow, what a whirlwind the last few days have been! My back and feet are so sore–partly from lifting and unpacking boxes, partly from holding Baby Boy more than usual–this move has been tough on him. On Sunday, he just cried and cried as people carried everything out of our old apartment to go in the moving truck. We had a lot of people from church helping us; otherwise, there’s no way we could have moved all that stuff in one day. All the chaos has been traumatic for Baby Boy…he doesn’t want me to put him down or leave him by himself. He is nursing a lot longer than usual, like he doesn’t want to let me go. It’s kind of nice to be his comforter. I like that he feels secure with me.

We have three bedrooms now. One for Baby Boy, one for Hubby and me, and one for an office/storage room. Hubby found a nice California king bed for us on Craigslist. We just got it set up last night. It’s really firm, which we like. It feels like an acre compared to the queen bed we’ve slept on for the past two years. A California king is four inches longer than a regular king bed, which is so nice for Hubby, who is almost six-and-a-half feet tall.

We also have two bathrooms now, which can be convenient. I have less space in this kitchen than I had in my old one, so I’m working on paring down my kitchen gear.

We have a little balcony. After we finish getting things out of boxes and putting everything away, I want to put some plants out there. It doesn’t get a lot of sun, so I’m thinking maybe petunias or some other flowers that do okay in shade.

I love it that there is a public library ten blocks from our new house! It’s a small one, without storytimes or many special activities, but at least I can put books on hold online and pick them up at this branch. I love to read, and so does Baby Boy, so it’s very exciting to me to live so close to a library.

A friend of mine from church found out that she didn’t have to go in to work, so she called and asked if I wanted to go to coffee. Hubby had the car with Baby Boy’s carseat in it, so we couldn’t drive anywhere, but we decided to walk to a coffee shop we had heard about. Baby Boy came too, of course. He enjoys riding in his stroller. The coffee shop turned out to be a great place for conversation, and they have good food, too. I am sure I will go back again sometime.

The reason we moved, among other things, is that we are part of a home church, and we are trying to all move into the same part of town so we can have fellowship with each other and reach out to the community together. Neither Hubby nor I specifically have the gift of evangelism (if you’re wondering, Hubby’s main spiritual gifts are discernment, teaching, service/helps, and exhortation; mine are mercy and possibly hospitality), but we still want to share Jesus with people. We just need to start doing it. As soon as I get my kitchen stuff unpacked, I am planning to make cookies for the other people in our building. Then maybe we can invite someone over for dinner and games and start to build relationships.

Well, there’s so much I could be working on…I’m going to do a little more and then call it a night.


4 responses to “Unpacking

  1. Congratulations. Moving is exciting though I’m not comfortable with all the change all at once. We just moved the last weekend in April so we know the feeling. However, it’s always nice to have more room. We’re still trying to figure out to do with it all.Take care sweet friend.

  2. Wow! Your new place sounds great!:-) Especially that bed…I have never slept in anything bigger than a full size bed.I admire the fact that you all have a home church and work to reach out to the comunity…you rarely hear of people doing that anymore, always too caught up in their own things to bother caring about their neighbor. My hubby and I and our little family are striving to do just the same…the community we live in is very poor and somewhat run down…people need help around here and we have been striving to serve the needs in our area. Everything from visiting with the older woman who lives across the street to paying for a neighbor get his overflowing septic tank pumped…it’s a lot of fun and I am really enjoying being able to make a difference in people’s lives right where I am. Once a month we, as a family, go around the community picking up litter…there are a few abondoned buildings with graffiti on them, we plan on painting over the grafitti at some point. These may seem like little things, but as Christians our responsibility is to make the world and the people around us better…the more we do, people will see that and be motivated to do good as well, it’s like a drop in a pond…the ripple effect. Anyways, sorry about my rambling…I am just impressed to see you and your little family reaching out to the community…it’s so rare to see people do the actual work, instead most just give money away and expect others to do it for them…but, in the end, I don’t think that is what Jesus would have done.Keep up the good work! 🙂

  3. Hubby and I also have a california king. They are great. (My hubby’s a tall one too.)

  4. Hey! I’m glad to see you blogging again. I have been out of it for a long time because we just went through major life change, we have moved to Hawaii. I just started posting again after like 2 months or so. ANyways, just wanted to say hi and let you know I enjoy reading your blog. God bless,Candice

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