Warning–Girly Post

In the past year of so, I’ve become aware of a lot of problems with tampons (dioxin, fibers scratching the vagina, toxic shock syndrome, environmental pollution, etc.), and to a lesser degree, with disposable pads. In my mid-teens, I stopped using disposable pads because they gave me a rash and were very uncomfortable to me, and I switched to tampons. Well, I have been looking for a more natural alternative to tampons. At first, I tried the Diva Cup, but so far I have not been satisfied with it and I am thinking of returning it. I trimmed the stem some, but it still pokes me, and I always feel the cup inside me. I really want it to work, but I am not as motivated to keep trying, now that I have…reusable cloth pads. I ordered some from New Moon Pads. They are very soft–way more comfortable than scratchy disposable pads–and they are not bulky. In fact, when I got them, I was amazed at how thin they are. The pads have a fleece layer to prevent leak-through (it works!). They are super-easy to care for. I don’t find it “gross” to wash pads. Menstrual blood is not any more “dirty” than when you cut your finger and it bleeds.
When you use reusable menstrual products, you are keeping chemicals away from your body and you are not filling up landfills. And reusable cloth pads are very economical. For example, I got 3 pantiliners, 2 light pads, 4 regular pads, and an overnight pad for $39. You can wash and re-use them indefinitely (at least 10 years, probably longer). So once you get your initial “stock,” you are good to go for a long time. No more laying down $5 for disposable products every 28 days! From New Moon Pads’ info page:

“DID YOU KNOW? On average, one New Moon Pad costs approximately the same as one cycles worth of disposable products. Approximately 12-18 cloth pads are needed to get through one cycle (depending on how often you launder). That means New Moon Pads pay for themselves after just
1 to 1.5 years. PAD LIFE EXPECTANCY 10 years SAVINGS (you ready for this?) 8.5 to 9 years of no cost coverage! …and that’s just the financial savings…there’s the health/comfort factor and environmental savings to consider as well.”

By the way, you can find other frugal tips over at Biblical Womanhood.

Edited to add: Oh, and one more thing–the bigger reusable pads have extra layers and are great for postpartum bleeding. I think they would be so much nicer on tender just-pushed-out-a-baby parts than disposable pads.


3 responses to “Warning–Girly Post

  1. hillbillyhousewife.com also gives directions for making your own pads. Even cheaper yet!

  2. Good tip, anonymous! Thanks!

  3. I’m going to be making some up this weekend. I wanted to get them done before now, but have just been too busy with some family issues. But, for next month, I’ll have them all made up and ready to try. I’m looking forward to trying them out. I’m using the pattern from hillbillyhousewife.com. I need to get some micro fleece this weekend ao try with them.Hugs & Blessings!Susan

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