Show-and-Tell Friday: Folk Harp


For Show-and-Tell Friday, I would like to show you the harp that my parents gave me for my birthday. It is a 19-string folk harp. I am learning to play it (the electric tuner Hubby bought for me a couple weeks ago makes it a more pleasant-sounding experience!); I can play a couple of simple songs fairly well. I need to practice, practice, practice!

If you would like to see a video of someone who knows what she is doing on the harp, click here. This woman is playing a song called “The Golden Eagle.” Check out how effortlessly she flips the sharping levers (to make a particular string a half step higher). Such a lively, cheerful tune!

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15 responses to “Show-and-Tell Friday: Folk Harp

  1. What a gorgeous instrument! Would love to hear it played…

  2. Wow, that is sooo beautiful….and they make such beautiful music too…

  3. That’s beautiful! Sharon

  4. How beautiful! I love to hear a harp being played. When my twins were in the NICU after birth there was a lady that volunteered each week to bring in her harp and play for all the preemies and special care babies it was so peaceful hearing her play all the different hymns.Thanks for sharing your harp with us…Sorry for my rambling ;)~Amy

  5. What a beautiful instrument. There was a teenage girl at our church who played the harp. I’ve always loved that music. Keep up the good work!Susan

  6. I think it’s so awesome that you actually know how to play a harp! It’s beautiful!! xo

  7. How wonderful that you are learning how to play the harp! It has the most peaceful and beautiful sound!Kelli

  8. That is a gorgeous harp…I would love to have an instrument so beautiful…and of course know how to play it…but alas…

  9. what a fantastic gift.. we have a local harpist whom is phenonominal if you want some inspiration his name is Bronn Journey, his wife is a singer. they have many albums out and some Christian themed music as well. I hope you will learn it.. what a beautiful instrument… look this guy up you won’t be sorry!!!mica

  10. What a beautiful harp! I love harp music!Katherine

  11. It;’s gorgeous! I wish you well in your learning. I love harp music.

  12. Your harp is beautiful! I like that you sent us to the video of the harp music–lovely! I so admire anyone who can really play an instrument.Maybe when you get comfortable with your harp you can do a video for us! Thanks for sharing.

  13. How beautiful! I always wanted to learn how to play the harp, however I am not musically inclined–other than listening, so it wonderful we have people like you who can play for us. Cathy 🙂

  14. I’ve always enjoyed listening to the harp. Your instrument is beautiful. Thanks for the link – she is quite accomplished. Keep practicing and we’ll be listening to you one day!

  15. Oh how BEAUTIFUL! I love to listen to the harp. I wanted the harp played at my wedding. not sure why that never happened tho.But i am secretnly hoping one of my children want to learn to play 😉

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