FREE Stuff from Walgreens


These are the items I got absolutely FREE from Walgreens this week. I don’t even have to send in a rebate for any of them; I just used lots of coupons to get the price down to zero.

Motrin, 24+6 bonus count, $4.29, used $5 printable coupon
Sudafed, 18 count, $4.99, used $5 printable coupon
4 Wrigley’s 17-stick gums, $1.09 each, used Walgreens BOGO plus 2 manufacturer’s BOGOs
Aquafresh Advanced, $1.99, used $2 printable coupon
2 Purell Gentle Foam hand sanitizers, $3.49 each, used $2.50 EZSaver coupon plus 2 $1.50 manufacturer’s coupons

Total before coupons: $22.61. Total after coupons: FREE, plus I got back over $1.50 in overage.

To see others’ Super Savings Saturday deals, go here.

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