A Neverending Project

So I moseyed on down to the local mega-craft-store, and spent a blissful evening browsing almost every aisle just for the fun of it. I came home with a scrapbook, a page of baby boy stickers, and a book of various colors of cardstock for matting photos.

I basically haven’t done anything with pictures of 1-year-old except store them in a mini photo album that is bursting at the seams. And that’s not to mention all the pictures sitting around on our digital cameras or hard drives that haven’t yet been developed. But the time has come to get organized. I don’t want to just end up with boxes and boxes of uncategorized photos. I want to keep track of things now so that I can arrange the photos and jot down my thoughts about them.

For a while, I was thinking of going to digital scrapbooking, but Hubby and I decided against it because we like glossy real photos, not just pictures printed out on a page. So now I have the task of designing pages of the past fifteen months of our lives. We decided to not try to do a separate photo album for each child, but to instead just keep chronological “family” albums. So if there’s still room in this album when the new baby is born, we’ll put in all of his or her baby pictures, too.


One response to “A Neverending Project

  1. Best of luck with your scrapbooking! Not sure if you have a Dollar Tree near you, but they have some great scrapbooking stuff! I’ve gotten lots of matching paper (5 sheets for $1) and stickers. I’m a little addicted to pictures, I think. I’m only through 3 months of my son’s life and I’ve almost filled an entire 40 page album. It’s a really relaxing thing for me and I really enjoy it, I hope you enjoy it as much!

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