39 Weeks Pregnant–Almost There!

I had an appointment today with my midwives. Everything is perfectly normal–baby’s heart rate, my blood pressure, baby’s position (still L.O.A.). I have Braxton-Hicks contractions occasionally, but nothing painful or regular yet. Every night when I go to bed, I wonder, Will tonight be the night contractions start? Obviously, contractions could start during the day, too, but I always think of them as starting at night (maybe because that’s how it happened with D.L.F.).

I think we have everything we need for the birth, which isn’t a lot. If we were having a home birth, we would be responsible to purchase a lot of birth supplies ourselves, but since we are going to a birth center, they have pretty much everything on hand there, and the supplies are just included in the regular fee. We did get eight bottles of Recharge (an all-natural sports drink…like Gatorade, but healthier), so that should help keep me (and Hubby) hydrated. I think I drank about five bottles by myself last time I was in labor! I am preparing a gift basket with snacks inside for each of our three midwives to give them when we get to the birth center…after all, they will be working hard (and round-the-clock) and need nourishment, too! We have a special very pink and girly “first outfit” to bring Baby Girl home in, although I think I will pack a boy outfit, too, just in case! You never know; ultrasounds are not 100% reliable.

We decided our bedroom is too crowded to fit Baby’s crib (we will put the crib in our “office”–office being in quotes because it’s more of a junk room at present–for her naps), so we’re hoping to purchase a small bassinet off Craigslist before Baby comes. Haven’t found a good one yet, but we’ll keep looking. We have all the diapering things we will need, and people have been very kind in giving us lots of girl clothes, so that’s pretty much it!


3 responses to “39 Weeks Pregnant–Almost There!

  1. you look radient! can’t wait to see photos of baby girl!:)

  2. My First Born went 42 weeks , I am 26 weeks with my second we are also doing homebirth , we stocked up a bunch of EMERGEN -C drink mix and raspberry leave tea .I brought on my last baby with garlic , lots and lots of garlic and pizza.

  3. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog from somewhere else.. can’t remember where now! But wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed it, and congrats on the upcoming new arrival! We just had #4 baby at home in February – babies are SO SWEET! ūüôā Hope all goes well for you and I’ll be checking back for baby pics!

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