Family Antics

We managed to make it to storytime at the library today in between rain showers. D.L.F. is really getting into doing the motions of songs and rhymes. Ah, library. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Not really. I talk about the library enough as it is. But it’s still my favorite use of tax dollars.

D.L.F. loves to help me wake up Cupcake. When I say it’s time, he rattles the doorknob (with childproof cover) until I get there and open the door, then he runs into her room, grabs the side of the playpen where she sleeps, and says (loudly), “HI, BABY (her name)! DO YOU WANT SOME MAMA MILK?” Cupcake loves her big brother and doesn’t seem to mind this rude awakening. She just smiles up at him. She is almost always happy and content and just takes things as they are and accepts them (even when D.L.F. roars at her, she just stares at him unflinchingly. When D.L.F. does this, he is just trying to be sweet and include her in his games. His favorite thing in the world right now is when he and T chase each other around the house on hands and knees ROARING at each other like lions.)

Also, I don’t know how it started, but we’ve all started saying “ooga booga” to each other just to be silly. Sometimes D.L.F. will be in one room, stop what he’s doing and pause as if suddenly struck by inspiration, and say, “Say ‘ooga booga’ to Baby (her name)!” Then he’ll run to whatever part of the house she’s in, get right in her face, and say, “ooga booga!” She thinks this is funny and laughs at him. I never knew it would be so fun to have two. I’m looking forward to having more children (eventually). We’ve even got some good names picked out already.


One response to “Family Antics

  1. Hearing you talk about your two little ones brings back memories of my first 2 children at that age. My son was 21 months when my daughter was born and he use to say the same thing to his baby sister…."do you want some mama milk". I miss those days : ( I enjoy them now but those times were so sweet and new and precious. They are growing up so fast at 14 & almost 13.

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