The Beach

We took a family trip to the beach today. It was D.L.F.’s first time, and he loved the waves! In fact, he even roared at them (I think that’s a compliment coming from him). He was sad when it was time to go, but we got cleaned up (D.L.F. was drenched from head to toe!) and then went to lunch at a seafood restaurant right on the beach. The kids slept all the way back home.


4 responses to “The Beach

  1. I am glad your little man had a good time at the beach. :-)I grew up in Florida and my mom always dragged me to the beach and I hated it.I still am not a beach person at all.I do like playing in waves though..makes no sense huh? :-)The Lord bless and keep you,Dawn

  2. That is neat that you all got to go the beach. I have been to beach 3 times inmy lie and I really loved it. I would love to take my kiddos to the beach..someday.

  3. Fun! We went to the Oregon coast one December when I was little, and walking back from the beach with my mom, she told me it was 1988. The next Christmas, and the year after that, I remembered this, and finally remared (to impress her) that it was 1988 again! Haha, she could not figure out where that came from, but I thought it had something to do with December! I think of that whenever I think of the ocean. 🙂 What little nerd-children we were, and our mommies made us so, and I love them for it. Don’t you? :)Love,AshieP.S. I got your message but was at work, where I am now, too, but will call you soon!

  4. Amity–I, too, hope you get to take your kids to the beach some day! I have always been blessed to live relatively near the ocean, but every time I see it, I am still awed and amazed at how vast it is and how powerful God is to create such a thing!Ash–That is so funny. It can be hilarious the associations kids come up with. I don’t think I figured out the difference between “sarcastic” and “casserole” until I was, oh, 7 or 8. That’s the one I can think of right now from my own life, but there were definitely more.And of course I love our mothers for making us nerd-children. Nerd children are adorable! I think D.L.F. is turning out to be a nerd. Or maybe a geek. I mean that in the most positive sense. He’s always trying to take things apart and play with cords and use T’s tools and generally figure things out/fix them! He wants to be just like T. I can’t believe he will be 2 in 3 days!

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