He’s More Fun than a Barrel of Monkeys

More quotes from D.L.F.:

(As he patted the couch under him): “I am sitting on the Christian!” (he meant “cushion”).


“The stroller stepped on my foot!”


Updated to add:

When we were driving home from vacation this past Saturday, there was one stretch with lots of tall trees on both sides of the road. T and I were commenting to each other how pretty the landscape was and describing the trees, and all of a sudden, D.L.F. piped up from the backseat: “TOILET-trees!” I guess he’d acquired some of our vacation-packing lingo and had been waiting for an opportunity to use it.


Whenever I am ready to get D.L.F. up, I stand outside his bedroom door and ask, “Is there a [D.L.F.] in there?” Usually, he simply says, “Yes.” Today when I asked that question, however, he replied, “I hope so!”


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