Baby’s Due Date…

…is tomorrow. No signs of labor at all, though. I have a feeling he or she is quite cozy and will still be in there for a while.

The kids are looking forward to their new sibling, although we’ve been talking about “the baby” for so long, it’s probably hard for them to understand that they really, truly are going to have a brother or sister soon. Whenever we mention the baby to Cupcake, she says, “I will give the baby hugs and give the baby kisses and play with the baby!”

We’re planning to have the baby at the same birth center where D.L.F. and Cupcake were born. I’m hoping I’ll get there in time to take advantage of the big birth tubs. D.L.F. was born in the water, but my labor with Cupcake was so fast that the midwives didn’t even have time to fill up the birth tub before Cupcake was born!


6 responses to “Baby’s Due Date…

  1. How are you doing with the "fear factor"? The more children I have the more of a spiritual battle it has become. The Lord has always been faithful to give me Scriptures to meditate on to overcome the fear. I will be praying for you during your "waiting period".

  2. Treasures from a Shoebox: I'm not looking forward to the pain of labor, but I wouldn't say I'm afraid. I've had the same midwife for all three of my pregnancies, and the birth center is familiar, so I feel like I know what to expect (as much as possible). My midwife also told me that she expects I will have a really quick labor this time, so that's a nice thought to hang on to (although she could be wrong, of course). She also said she thinks the baby will be long and around 9 pounds!

  3. And thank you for your prayers, by the way. I appreciate them!

  4. You have our prayers, too! 🙂

  5. Thanks, Johanna! 🙂

  6. Praying that it happens soon and goes well! 🙂

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