Redemption, by Karen Kingsbury (with Gary Smalley)

Redemption is the first of fourteen(!) books in the Baxter Family Drama…and it is a drama. When Kari Jacobs discovers that her husband, a professor, is having an affair with a student, she determines to do everything she can to save their marriage. Her resolve wavers, however, upon her high school sweetheart’s arrival back in town.

Redemption is an entertaining, plot-driven page-turner with positive values (most notably an emphasis on the sacredness of marriage). However, don’t look here for carefully crafted descriptions, clever dialogue, or an original storyline. I saw every single turn of the plot coming way in advance. When I neared the end of the book, I actually said out loud, “You have got to be kidding me!” because I couldn’t believe how shamelessly the authors took the obvious, completely predictable way out.

Even though I was annoyed with the hackneyed plot, I didn’t entirely dislike Redemption. I find myself wanting to continue the series to find out what happens to the characters.

My rating: 2/5


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