Catherine Wheels, by Leif Peterson

Catherine Wheels is an introspective, gentle-paced novel detailing a man’s journey from emotional isolation to love, hope, and healing. Peterson seamlessly incorporates many dream sequences and flashbacks into his story, giving it the feel of a narrative essay. I savored his rich descriptions, vivid similes and metaphors, careful word choices, subtle symbolism, and elements of the unexpected (e.g., the story is set largely in a castle in Montana).

I love a book that is so well-written that I forget it is a book. In fact, Leif Peterson uses first-person voice so expertly that I felt like was the main character, Thomas, exploring my feelings and trying to make sense of my tragedy-shaken world.

Through his characters’ dialogue, Peterson provides some thoughtful insights on loss, grief, and the human condition. Although the book could not be categorized as Christian fiction, it does contain some religious themes, and it invites the reader to ponder some of life’s big questions.

My rating: 5/5


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