Watch Over Me, by Christa Parrish

In Watch Over Me, Benjamin, now a policeman, but still recovering emotionally from life as a soldier in Afghanistan, finds an abandoned newborn and takes her into his own home. His wife, Abbi, is reluctant to care for the infant, but she slowly adapts to being a mother. Sharing the joys and responsibilities of parenthood is a starting point for healing the couple’s struggling marriage, but the possibility of having the baby taken away if the biological parents are found haunts both Ben and Abbi.

Christa Parrish does an excellent job of following the old writer’s adage, “Show, don’t tell.” She employs an extensive vocabulary, inserting interesting, colorful words just where they are needed. Her characters’ actions and circumstances speak for themselves, providing just enough detail, but not too much. The main characters’ unique backgrounds, quirks, strengths, and weaknesses are well fleshed-out, making each seem real and easy to identify with.

I particularly enjoyed this book’s dialogue, witty in some places, touching in others. It sounds believable, like everyday conversation. The playful banter between Ben and Abbi is fun to read.

Christa Parrish has rapidly become one of my new favorite authors, and I will seek out her books in the future.

My rating: 5/5

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