Our Love Story, Part 5

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I was a bit surprised when T led me to the music hall, which was closed due to the lateness of the hour, whipped out a set of keys, and let us in. We sat together on a bench in the lobby. T said something about liking me and being attracted to me and feeling led to pursue a relationship with me hopefully leading to marriage, but he also made it clear that God needed to be first in both of our lives. If either one of us ever felt His leading to take time off or end the relationship, then that was the way it would be.

I was in a whirlwind of euphoria and didn’t say much, only nodded. I was so happy to be with T, and I knew I wanted to be with him forever. We prayed together twice that night, and the second time, T asked if he could hold my hand. I was incredibly excited and yet perfectly at peace. Everything felt so right.

Why, you might ask, did T choose the music hall after hours for our talk? Well, he happens to be a creative problem-solver and “outside the box” thinker. He knew he wanted somewhere private, but not too private. The music hall had big glass doors on two sides, so anyone could look in and see us sitting there on the bench, but no one could actually get in, because the doors were locked. Locked doors were no obstacle for T, who had a campus job which conveniently afforded him his own set of keys.

To conclude this installment of our love story, here is a poem T wrote soon after we started dating in celebration of the campus-famed “pink mist,” that is, the romantic ambiance created by the sudden explosion of cherry trees in early spring and the fragrant, pink blossoms constantly fluttering down.

“Pink Mist”

O, the great and sorry state that comes about each spring

The [city] rain has made insane the boys that seek a ring

The light’ning skies have given rise to nervous fingers dialing

To make the call that says it all and leaves her scared or smiling

Yes, men are daft and balmy after winter’s op’ning fist

Oh, give it up and kiss the girl! You can’t escape pink mist!

(To be continued…)

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