Two Books by Laura Frantz

Both these novels are set around the time of the Revolutionary War. It doesn’t really matter which you read first, although I think a character from The Frontiersman’s Daughter is mentioned in Courting Morrow Little, but it doesn’t  affect the story. I enjoyed both novels immensely and am looking forward to reading Laura Frantz’s next novel, The Colonel’s Lady, which is due out in August 2011.

There is a lot of history crammed in to these two books. Laura Frantz obviously did a lot of research in order to write them. She writes beautifully, and I often stopped to re-read a sentence or paragraph because of her unique way of putting things. Both books are definitely romances, but the personal growth of the main characters is emphasized more than their love lives. Some of the themes in the books, particularly in Courting Morrow Little, really resonated with me. I’d rate Courting Morrow Little 4/5, and The Frontiersman’s Daughter 3/5, because I was confused as to why Frantz took the story one way for a long time and then made a sudden veer without much explanation or closure.



One response to “Two Books by Laura Frantz

  1. Melissa, Bless you for taking time for my books in the midst of your very busy life! I appreciate your gracious words more than you know and feel blessed to have you as a reader. Thanks for everything!

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