Amy Inspired, by Bethany Pierce

Amy Gallagher, a college English professor, is pushing thirty and feels like her life is going nowhere. She wants to be a writer, but writer’s block seems to have set in permanently. Her background and her own romantic experiences have left her cynical about marriage and true love, but part of her still longs for a family of her own.

I like the friendly, intimate way the characters relate to each other in Amy Inspired. The dialogue is written with an undertone of dry wit which I find enjoyable to read. The book is realistic and feels very of-the-moment, like you could meet Amy in real life right now, today. The questions and issues Amy deals with are messy and complicated, just like real life.

Amy Inspired is Bethany Pierce’s second novel. I like Pierce’s writing style and I’d be happy to read any other books she writes. I’d give Amy Inspired a rating of 3.5/5. The only reason I’m not rating it higher is that I would have liked to see the character of Amy’s (eventual) love interest developed more thoroughly. He’s supposed to be sort of an enigmatic mystery man, but darn it, I didn’t want him to be that way…or at least, I wanted him and Amy to spend a lot more time conversing toward the end of the book so I could understand him better, because he is an interesting person. I suppose that is actually a compliment to Bethany Pierce, in a way, because so often the heroes in Christian novels are perfect and boring, but this guy isn’t.

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