See? I do post something other than book reviews…

While playing with the kids about a week ago, T fell and cracked a rib. He has been in a lot of pain 😦 and unable to do much physical work, so logistics in our family have been more challenging and time-consuming lately. For example, packing our bags and loading the van to go to my parents’ for Christmas took a lot longer than anticipated. We were planning to make the 3 1/2+ hour drive, drop all our things off at their house, eat dinner, change the kids into their Christmas outfits, and then get to the Christmas Eve service at my parents’ church about half an hour early to say hi to them and get good seats.

Well, as it turned out, we ended up grabbing a quick dinner at a grocery store deli, changing the kids outfits in the van, which was so completely crammed with stuff (three kids require a LOT of stuff!) that I had to stand outside in the pouring rain, oh, and did I mention that the baby leaked lovely yellow baby poo on my off-white sweater while I was nursing her? So I had to change my clothes, too.

We arrived at my parents’ church for their Christmas Eve service literally as the choir was starting to walk into the sanctuary to begin the program. My parents spotted us and got a few quick hugs in. The service was very nice. My parents are doing a great job with leading music at their church. I’m happy that they are using their talents and serving in ministry together.

Spending Christmas with my parents and my brother and my grandma was fun and memorable, and I’m glad we made the trip, but I am so exhausted! Having three kids ages four and under is incredibly fun and joyous and satisfying, but it’s also chaotic and tiring. And so, to bed.


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