Blue Heart Blessed, by Susan Meissner

I’m going to surprise myself by rating Blue Heart Blessed 5/5. At first, I thought it was just okay, but I found myself liking it more and more the further into it I got. It’s a romance, but it would probably be more accurately classified as Christian “chick lit.”

Daisy Murien’s fiancé broke up with her ten days before their wedding date. Trying to move on, she opens up a used wedding dress shop, Something Blue, in the hotel-turned-apartment complex she manages. One of the tenants, a retired Episcopal priest who is like a father to Daisy, blesses tiny blue satin hearts, one of which is sewn into every dress in Something Blue.

After Father Laurent has a heart attack, his recently-divorced son Ramsey wants his dad to move into a care facility, but both Daisy and Father Laurent strongly oppose that plan. Daisy takes matters into her own hands.

I loved the character of Daisy, always getting herself into cringe-worthy awkward moments by too-hastily speaking and acting, but with the best of intentions. I also enjoyed the unique setting of the combined wedding dress shop and apartment complex and the warm interactions between the diverse residents there. Daisy’s habit of writing in her journal and answering herself back is endearing and hilarious. She finds herself learning a lot about what love really is.

I wouldn’t mind reading this book again, and that’s something I don’t say about a lot of Christian romances. Susan Meissner’s style is charming and fun to read, and I  should be receiving a review copy of her latest novel, Lady in Waiting, very soon, so look for my thoughts on that book in the next few weeks.


2 responses to “Blue Heart Blessed, by Susan Meissner

  1. I can’t imagine the thought of anyone who’s had to plan a wedding actually wanting to open a wedding related shop, ack! Especially when they had a sad turn of events follow it all! I’m so glad that’s over with for me! 🙂 Your reviews are always fun to read, though, so keep it up!

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