A Little Update

It’s almost the middle of June. I can hardly believe that my oldest child is almost five and my baby is almost one. Oh yeah, and this one already had her birthday (in early May). Now she’s three!

She asked for a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting (yes, she is her mother’s daughter), and I believe she thoroughly enjoyed it.

Smiley didn’t get any cake but she enjoyed playing with balloons.

Just in the past month, Smiley has started figuring out that food is for swallowing, instead of just holding in your throat until it makes you choke, which has definitely expanded her culinary horizons. I started trying to give her mashed up fruits and vegetables when she was about eight months old, but I think she didn’t like the texture. No “baby” food for her. She adores crackers and has been known to crawl to the snack cupboard, get out a box of her favorite crackers, and say, “Yum YUM!” until somebody gets one out of the box for her. I suppose I shouldn’t let her get into the snack cupboard, but what can I say, she’s cute, and she’s my pwecious widdle baby. She says “Mama” quite frequently and we think we’ve heard her say “Papa” a few times. She also says “Yeah,” gives kisses with a “Muh!,” and is a good mimic of random noises.

T, because he is amazing and can fix or build anything, built this fence (complete with gate) across the end of our deck, so hopefully, that will be the end of kid-falling-off-the deck accidents (we’ve had a few).

After nearing giving up on ever being able to make pies, I finally tried this crust recipe and have had good success with it. Since finding it a few weeks ago, I have made four apple pies and one strawberry-rhubarb pie.

T found a nice, large, but not-functional barbecue for free on Craigslist and fixed it up good as new, so we have enjoyed hot dogs and hamburgers cooked on it several times so far. Food tastes so much better grilled, and I like that T does most of the work and there’s less clean-up in the kitchen!

I just saw that Betty Beguiles will be hosting a blog carnival this Tuesday linking to people’s engagement stories. I think this is the kick in the pants I’ve been waiting for to finish T’s and my love story (you can read Parts 1-7 starting here), so come back Tuesday to read about how we got engaged–it’s pretty romantical! 🙂

And to close, here’s a recent picture of all three kiddos:


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