GFSF Day 2

I had eggs and veggies for breakfast, a chicken sausage with salad for lunch, and a kale and asparagus omelet for dinner (and a bit of pineapple for dessert). I had a cheese stick for a morning snack, celery with peanut butter for an afternoon snack, and of course, my daily mocha sweetened with stevia.

I walked for about 45 min.

It’s kind of hard to make food for my family that I am avoiding myself, and I found myself craving the crackers the kids had for a snack (and the few chocolate chips I gave them for going right to sleep at naptime–yes, I bribe my children to take a nap), but I’m hoping the cravings will lessen over time.

I ordered some SweetLeaf English Toffee stevia drops recently, and they came today. I haven’t tried them yet, but they had good reviews on Amazon, and I’m hoping they will taste good in coffee . I got them mainly because I won’t be able to get mochas from coffee shops for the next 60 days, since they have sugar in them and I try to avoid artificial sweeteners. Anyhow, now I can get a plain latte and doctor it up with my stevia drops. I will also probably use them on the nights that I have class and want to drink the provided coffee. If only coffee was provided for my 8:30 Saturday morning math class when we all reaaaaaalllly need it.

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