It’s Summer!

The kids have been enjoying the warm weather and splashing around in their kiddie pool in the back yard.

I fell off the grain-free-sugar-free-for-60-days wagon partway through. I started out with good intentions, but I never got back on track after that bout with stomach flu. I definitely felt great when I was eating that way, and I am trying to keep my grains to a minimum now, but I just don’t have time to make two different meals for myself and the rest of the family, so the thing I am focusing on now is portion control.

I only have six more months of college left. I will graduate in December. Going back to school has been demanding and stretching in every possible way. I feel like I’ve been run through the wringer emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, and I definitely am not getting enough sleep or caring for my body the way I wish I could, if I had more time. But this is where I’m at, and God is growing me. I’m starting to finally pull through a spiritual slump/crisis of faith that I’ve been going through for the past, oh…well, probably since I went back to school, so a little over half a year.

My plans for after I finish school include focusing more on homeschooling my kids (especially character training and responsibility/chores), becoming more proficient at guitar and/or harp, regularly inviting people over (a.k.a., actually cleaning the house), exercising more, and reading books for fun (my to-read is getting really long).


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