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35 Weeks Pregnant

Baby Update–31 Weeks

I had an appointment with my midwife tonight. The baby and I are doing very well. I am measuring 31 centimeters, which is right on for this week. My midwife estimates that the baby will be around 9 pounds at birth. Baby is head-down at the moment, which is great–hopefully he or she will stay that way! I think I know when the baby turned, too–I was laying in bed around midnight a couple weeks ago, trying to fall asleep in spite of the very active baby wiggling around in my belly, when I suddenly felt a hard WHUMP!–it felt just like the baby had done a fast somersault, and it almost took my breath away! It’s so interesting to have a little person growing inside of me who is dependent upon me and yet moving around independently!

I got to check out a “sibling backpack” to explore with D.L.F. and Cupcake. It contains lots of books for children about birth and new babies, a couple of movies, and cute Waldorf-style mama and baby dolls with snaps so the baby can latch on to the mama and “nurse.”

25 Weeks

Valentine’s Day 2010



And a 20-week belly pic (halfway to meeting Baby!):

5th Anniversary

Friday was T and my 5th anniversary. We dropped the kids off with their favorite babysitter and went to a Thai restaurant which we had heard good things about. We ate spring rolls, lobster pad thai, and cashew chicken. T gave me a silver heart necklace with a diamond in it. Then we went to hear some live bluegrass music. It was short and sweet, but it was fun to go on a real date…I don’t think we’d been on a date since last summer.

I am 17 weeks pregnant now. My next appointment with my midwives is in three weeks, at which time I can schedule an ultrasound if that’s what we decide to do. Most likely I will get an ultrasound and find out the gender of the baby, if our insurance covers it. It would be nice to be able to refer to the baby by name, and not just call him or her “the baby” all the time. We’re 99% set on a boy’s name, and probably about 75% sure of a girl’s name.

Our New House

We were majorly blessed with all the help we received in moving to our new place. I never got a chance to count, but I’m pretty sure there were at least 15 people on moving day, and that’s not counting some friends who helped with packing and unpacking before and after the move. Everything was out of our old apartment and into our new house in just over two hours! Praise the Lord. This move was actually less stressful for me than our last move, even though we have two kids and I’m pregnant now, and we have more stuff than we used to as well.

We have been in our new house for a week. Overall, it’s a great place, and we’re enjoying it a lot. We have had several problems, though…a slow drain which caused our washing machine to leak all over the garage, a wonky smoke alarm, the heater/fan/light unit in the bathroom which stopped working after a few days, and no internet access. Finally today someone from our internet provider came out to have a look and see what the deal is, and they said they have to re-bury a cable from our house down the block a ways. So I’m at the library right now using the wireless connection.

The kids have been doing well sharing a room. They’ve been sleeping great, except last night, when they both threw up. They seem fine today, so I guess it was a one-time thing. I hope. However, we’re keeping them home tonight instead of our originally scheduled plan of dropping them off for free childcare through our church for a parents’ date night. I am disappointed, but I want to make sure the kids aren’t contagious. I don’t want to put other parents through what we went through last night. The laundry, the crying, the…yuck. So we’ll go on a date some other time.

In other news, I have been feeling the baby wiggle around since I was about 12 1/2 weeks pregnant! That’s way earlier than with D.L.F. or Cupcake, and it’s kind of fun.

Not having internet for the past week, I’ve been doing a lot more research the old-fashioned way…with books. I’m so, so excited to finally have a yard, so I’ve checked out over a dozen books from the library about gardening. I’m getting antsy to work in the yard, but it has been rainy, cold, and very windy lately…not exactly prime gardening weather. I’m poring over books and gardening catalogs in eager anticipation. I am extremely excited about the lilac and hydrangea bushes in our front yard and can’t wait to see them in bloom.

We still have a lot of boxes to unpack, but things are starting to feel a little more like home.

It’s Real!

I heard the baby’s heartbeat today. That makes this pregnancy seem so much more real. There really is a baby growing inside me! My midwife said it is almost certainly not twins, or my uterus would be bigger. I will probably have an ultrasound in about two more months, at which point we should be able to discover if Baby is a boy or girl.

An Announcement

Come Back, Contractions!

The contractions I was having stopped as soon as I laid down in bed (that doesn’t look right…I never did figure out all those rules about “lay” vs. “lie”). As soon as I lay down in bed? Anyone? How am I ever going to homeschool my children? 🙂

Anyhow, I’m doing lots of laundry today, so Baby, you can come out now.

Yay! Pain!

I am currently having some contractions that are stronger than any I have experienced so far this pregnancy. They don’t hurt too badly, but I wouldn’t call them “painless.” I’m not getting excited yet, though. I’m going to bed. I’ll post again if I determine that I’m really in labor…. I kinda doubt I am. Besides, I need to do laundry before I can have a baby. 🙂