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Purely Sweet

D.L.F. saw the words, “Pure Clover Honey,” and asked me what “pure” means. I said, “It means something is not contaminated; it’s good, and there is nothing bad in it.” Then D.L.F. said, “Then I think YOU are pure, Mama, because there is nothing bad in you.”

Everyone Needs a Friend

Cupcake to me: “When you grow the size as me, then you will have a Rosie, too!” (Rosie is her little blanket doll that she takes everywhere.)

Foreign Font

D.L.F., speaking with an English accent: “Now I’m talking in cursive!”

The Rules of Sleep

D.L.F.: “I used to sleep in that crib when I was two years old, but I kept my eyes open.”

Me: “Oh, why did you keep your eyes open?”

D.L.F.: “Well, I didn’t know that closing my eyes was one of the rules of sleep.”

Well, Fancy That

D.L.F., watching me (finally) putting our wedding photos into an album: “I didn’t know Papa was at your wedding!”


Cupcake, lecturing the pretzel she dropped: “Pretzel, you forgot to stay in my hand!”

Fall Leaves, Take 2

D.L.F., noticing the effect of the wind whooshing through the leaves of the big maple tree in our yard, said, “The leaves are wagging their tails!”

A couple weeks ago I jumped the gun in trying to get some fall pictures, but today’s attempt proved more successful.

At Least She Asked

Today when I was standing at the counter mixing cookies, Cupcake came and stood right on my feet and asked, “Can I be in the way?”


This morning D.L.F. saw me cracking eggs into a frying pan and asked if he could try. I told him no because the frying pan was very hot. Then I said, “But you’ll be able to do it when you’re bigger. Probably someday you’ll be able to cook a whole meal for us, maybe when you’re about 12.”

D.L.F. said, “Yeah! I can go to Papa Murphy’s and get us some pizza!”

Like Father, Like Son

D.L.F. was messing with cords behind the couch while T was sitting on the couch trying to fix someone’s virus-ridden laptop. After listening to D.L.F. fumble around for a few minutes, T finally asked, “What are you doing?”

D.L.F. replied, “I think I’ll make something turn on!”