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You Found Me!

Welcome to my new home on the web! I’d been blogging over at Blogger for over five years, but finally decided to make the switch to WordPress because WordPress has a lot of really nifty features that Blogger doesn’t. I’d also recently started a book review blog, but I’ve decided to consolidate, so now I’ll just post book reviews on this site in the midst of whatever else I find to blog about.

I decided to keep the¬† site name, “Anxious for Nothing,” taken from Philippians 4:6, because trusting the Lord every day is a lesson I’m still learning, although He’s definitely helped me grow in that area over the past five years.When T and I were dating and then for the first few years of our marriage, I worried a lot about a lot of things…lack of finances, the neighborhoods we lived in, our church situation, thinking I might not be able to get pregnant (haha, now we’ve had three kids in four years), broken friendships…but God has shown me His love and faithfulness over and over, and I’ve learned to trust that He’ll take care of me.

Now that Smiley is almost out of the world-turned-upside-down tiny newborn stage, I’m going to begin blogging regularly here. I’m planning to do a series of posts on how T and I met and fell in love–because I’ve never really written out our whole story before, as well as post some book reviews, glimpses into my home and family, thoughts on raising (yes, yes, rearing, but who really talks that way?) children, lessons I’m learning spiritually, and a variety of other topics.

So, thanks for stopping by! Please remember to update your bookmarks. Oh, and leave me comments. Lots and lots of comments. ūüôā And if you ever want to E-mail me, there’s a link on the left under my picture.