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Grain Free Sugar Free Day 19

An unexpected bonus of my diet is that my fingernails have become amazingly strong and long! Just more evidence that my body likes what I’m doing. I have also had so much energy…which I definitely need at this busy stage of life. Every day I look forward to going for a walk. Yesterday, I knew that my schedule would not allow going for a walk by myself after T got home from work, so I made the kids go on a 2-mile “rain walk” (it was pouring down rain!) around a fitness trail with me (I did let the girls ride in the double stroller for part of the time, and when everybody started to get cranky, I bribed them  with the prospect of scrambled eggs and hot cocoa for lunch if they refrained from complaining the rest of the way). Anyway, I got some exercise in, and so did the kids.

Grain Free Sugar Free Day 17

Last night I made “lasagna,” with sliced eggplant instead of lasagna noodles. T and I thought it was great. The kids weren’t fans of the eggplant, but maybe it’s an acquired taste. I was pleased with how it turned out, since the last time I made a similar dish with eggplant, it turned out runny and watery. This time, I salted the sliced eggplant rounds, let them sit for a few hours, then rinsed them and patted them dry really well with paper towels. I broiled them on a greased baking sheet for about 5 minutes on each side. Preparing the eggplant this way really helped the “lasagna” to be nice and thick, instead of watery.

Even though I overindulged a little at dinner, I still didn’t feel bloated and tired afterward, the way I know I would have if the lasagna had been made with noodles.

Using vegetables as substitutes for wheat is becoming more intuitive and fun for me. I can see myself doing this long-term. I’ve been trying to reduce the amount of wheat my kids eat, too, so instead of giving them graham crackers for a snack, for example, I’ve been giving them apple slices and cheese.