Grain Free Sugar Free Day 8

I tried the SweetLeaf English Toffee stevia drops in a latte yesterday when we were travelling for Easter. They are pretty good, and I really have no complaints with them other than that they didn’t make my drink taste like a mocha, which is the coffee drink that I normally order from coffee shops and/or make myself at home. I think the drops do come in chocolate, so maybe I’ll try chocolate sometime (in a looooooong time, when these English Toffee ones run out–I ordered two bottles because they did not cost much more than one bottle). I’m not really sure exactly what real English toffee tastes like, but the drops give things a sort of salted caramel flavor. I’m pretty sure they’re all-natural, but I’m not sure what the salted caramel flavor is extracted from, which is slightly puzzling/troubling, but at least the drops are better than sugar. That’s what I’m telling myself, anyway.

We went to my grandma’s/parent’s/brother’s house (they all live together at present) for Easter dinner yesterday. I had ham and asparagus and fruit salad and passed on all the starchy things. I was a little disappointed to not be able to have my mom’s yummy frozen strawberry pie, but I was glad after dinner that I had stuck to my grain-free sugar-free plan.

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