Grain Free Sugar Free Day 40

For the most part, I have stuck very well to my grain-free, sugar-free diet. I did allow myself to have one slice of my daughter’s birthday dessert last week. And the past few days have been crazy. All five of the members of my family, including myself, came down with a horrible, nasty stomach bug of some sort. We’ve done about eight or ten loads of laundry in the past couple of days, if that tells you anything. It was really, really awful. Yesterday, I was able to hold down liquids, so I drank some ginger ale and Recharge (an all-natural sports drink). Today, I’m feeling a little better, but I felt like I really needed to eat something easy on my stomach, so I had a piece of toast with honey. Totally the opposite of grain free sugar free, but I didn’t feel like I could handle anything rich. Anyway, once I am back to normal, I will continue my grain free sugar free diet.

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